I caught the wind,

If only for a fleeting moment;

Not in my hands-

But in a solitary breath-

Inhaling the fragrance,

Which embedded itself

Onto the very fabric of my being.



The Unforgettable Greet

Once our paths converged
There was no denying it.
The rivers flowed backwards and
The ground trembled beneath our feet.
The wind whipped the leaves into a frenzy
Scattering foliage for miles.
Temperatures dropped around us
Subduing the chaos and freezing the world
As our lips touched clasped together.
Tongues twisting and turning,
Such a passion was released
That it set the world ablaze.
In the fire I’ll remain;
Unhinged and unharmed,
Ravishing you forever
And never letting go.

Zombie Love

Partnered yet alone
Our souls have wandered the world
Staggering to and fro
With ne’er a mind of what surrounded us .

Until that fateful day
When dazed eyes collided
And lethargy shattered
Crashing to the cold beneath

Awakened and alive
We began to gravitate
Until our souls linked
Radiating light into the atmosphere

Heart warmed and pounding
Our souls melded together
Illuminating the universe
And making us complete.


Total Darkness

Light scatters
Running from the horizon
Highlighting my every flaw and sin
Blinding all in its wake

Look down and see the loathsome
Lusting for the love
Craving the satisfaction
That only soul compatibility can provide

The world burns around me
Destroying the innocent
And innocence
Until the darkness prevails.

Passions lying dormant
Peer into the approach
As the twilight dissipates
And depth ceases at plane.