White Privilege Exists; Stop Being So Defensive

White privilege is a thing, and once people stop reacting to it as though it’s a negative connotation thrust at white people and see it as a societal current state of affairs people might give themselves pause enough to begin having the discussion.

I’m not non-white. I’ve never had to deal with, nor could I ever begin to comprehend what experiencing racism is like. What I do know is that I’ve never had to worry about success or advancement based on my skin tone. This is where the white privilege comes into play. One less barrier to negotiate has allowed me to strictly focus on my own performance for such things. The list is much bigger, but this is meant to be a short in order to trigger thought. Recognizing this privilege has been key to growth. If others would only let their guards down, not feel like they have to go on a defensive, and open their eyes to the world around them, we may be able to have a more productive and honest conversation.

Change the world!



Riga, Latvia

I had the recent pleasure of visiting Riga; such a beautiful city with a tragic, war-filled history.

Here are some random photographs. I’ll try to caption what I can remember in the upcoming days.



Here’s a little non-poetic, personal stuff for ya.

6 months ago, 181 days precisely, I embarked on a new journey; the journey of sobriety. After years of punishing my body and bad decisions, it was time. The catalyst that created the realization is irrelevant, but it became apparent that I no longer had a grip on the whiskey… it had a grip on me. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made…. and though I do miss the taste of beer (especially this Bavarian beer), I do not miss being drunk, embarrassing my wife and kids, and waking up hungover.
So, here’s to 6 months…. and to another 6 coming up.

If you think you need help or that you may have a problem, you probably do. Get it. I had a sober buddy. If you don’t have one, check out an AA meeting. Help is out there.



I bid you greetings from the confines of my humble abode and the comfort of my sofa.  I’ve actually got a stream of ice water going through this handy dandy polar device,which replaces the old school method of putting a bag of ice on the knee, as I write this.  I’ve been down for about a week and half now recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery.  There’s really not much else to tell other than that.  I suppose I could explain the GIANT incision on the left side of my knee.  The debris and osteochondroma removal from my knee was fairly simple.  My ortho doc told me right before surgery that he wouldn’t be able to get one of the osteochondromas with the scope and he’d have to make that extra incision.  Considering I’m sick of the running pain, I said go for it.  The only downside is that it’s going to make my recovery a bit slower than normal from a range of motion stand point.  Hopefully, once I have the stitches removed on Friday, I’ll be able to move a little more freely on my left leg.  Until then, I’m the slow poke walking in front of you with one crutch.

I’ve included pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Hahaha.  Like I said, all is well.  Just enjoying the couch for a while, and being taken care of.