Riga, Latvia

I had the recent pleasure of visiting Riga; such a beautiful city with a tragic, war-filled history.

Here are some random photographs. I’ll try to caption what I can remember in the upcoming days.




Here’s a little non-poetic, personal stuff for ya.

6 months ago, 181 days precisely, I embarked on a new journey; the journey of sobriety. After years of punishing my body and bad decisions, it was time. The catalyst that created the realization is irrelevant, but it became apparent that I no longer had a grip on the whiskey… it had a grip on me. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made…. and though I do miss the taste of beer (especially this Bavarian beer), I do not miss being drunk, embarrassing my wife and kids, and waking up hungover.
So, here’s to 6 months…. and to another 6 coming up.

If you think you need help or that you may have a problem, you probably do. Get it. I had a sober buddy. If you don’t have one, check out an AA meeting. Help is out there.


The Unforgettable Greet

Once our paths converged
There was no denying it.
The rivers flowed backwards and
The ground trembled beneath our feet.
The wind whipped the leaves into a frenzy
Scattering foliage for miles.
Temperatures dropped around us
Subduing the chaos and freezing the world
As our lips touched clasped together.
Tongues twisting and turning,
Such a passion was released
That it set the world ablaze.
In the fire I’ll remain;
Unhinged and unharmed,
Ravishing you forever
And never letting go.